Colombia Kayak Trips: Vital Tips A Beginner Should Know Before Kayaking

One of the best sports in history is kayaking. It’s exhilarating, invigorating and fun. For some, it is a dangerous sport because of the fear that the Colombia kayak will capsize at any moment. For others, it is the element of danger in kayaking that makes it interesting. Whatever your reason for picking up this sport, you need to know some vital tips that would ease you into kayaking in Colombia.

1) Get a Coach

You might think that there’s nothing difficult about kayaking. This might be true. However, a kayaking coach will teach you all the essentials you need to know about the sport. You will learn about what to do when you find yourself in a fix, how to paddle the right way, the right sitting posture and much more. Taking kayaking lessons will make your Colombia kayak adventures much fun than when you try to kayak on your own without proper knowledge. Kayaking lessons not expensive, so get your self-loaded with knowledge from a coach before venturing into the sea.

2) Choose the Right Boat

There are different kinds of kayaks for different people and different situations. There are flat water boats, squat freestyle play boats, long narrow racing boats and so on. However, as a beginner, it is recommended that you use the sit-on-top kayaks as they are stable and easy to handle.

3) Wear Buoyancy Aid Always

Whether you are a beginner or professional in kayaking, one vital tool you must have is a buoyancy aid. A buoyancy aid is like a life vest that gives more freedom around the neck and arm. This aid aims to keep you afloat if your boat capsizes.

4) The Right Sitting Posture

Your sitting posture on the kayak is very important. The right posture will give you the freedom to paddle with ease. Avoid slouching on resting on your backrest as you paddle, even if the backrest is comfy. The best way to sit is up straight. You should let your buttocks and lower back be 90° to each other. Your feet should be firmly placed on the foot pegs on either side of your kayak. Let your toes be pointed outwards, your heels towards the center, your knees bent upwards and outwards. You will learn more about the right sitting position in a Colombia kayak lesson.

5) The Right Way to Hold the Paddle

The concave part of the blade should be facing you. When you hold the paddle, do so with a shoulder length space between your hands. The concave part of the paddle should sweep through the water when you dip in the paddle blade.

6) Rescue Techniques

The number one rule you will learn as a beginner is what to do when your kayak upturns. Don’t be afraid. Capsizing doesn’t usually happen in calm and flat water. However, it’s best that you be prepared for any eventuality. Always stay with your boat if it capsizes. Ensure that you practice the capsizing techniques your instructor has shown you so that you can get back on the boat. This is why you should never go kayaking alone: go with someone as a safety measure.

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